Defero (www.deferousa.com) is a digital marketing and advertising agency located in Phoenix, AZ. Defero’s award-winning agency creates strategic digital campaigns that help their clients identify new market audiences and nurture these opportunities through to conversion.

While Defero’s digital chops earned repeat business from their varied list of clients, Defero needed assistance to fulfill client requests for traditional marketing products. After experiencing frustration working with other promotional products companies, Defero decided to build its own promotional products distributorship in Phoenix, Arizona.  Born from necessity, DeferoSwag (www.deferoswag.com) is thriving thanks to past industry experience and next-level dedication from the team.  DeferoSwag offers creative services, product identification, unique product specifications, manufacturing sourcing, warehousing and online ordering and inventory systems to serve our clients’ promotional products and wearable needs. 


  • Need: A series of company t-shirts for Defero’s staff
    • Solution: Providing screen printed t-shirts may seem like an easy task, but these shirts needed to exceed the expectations of an opinionated, highly creative group of professional marketers.  Not only did DeferoSwag’s associates provide an awesome series of creative designs, but the consistency of the t-shirt product was received well by all.
  • Need: An exciting “Half Christmas” gift for Defero’s female associates
    • The offices at Defero are kept at a very cool temperature during the hot summer months in Phoenix, AZ, so the ladies are usually freezing by mid-day. 
    • Solution: DeferoSwag’s staff identified a ‘Comfy’ as the perfect gift. The wearable blanket/sweatshirt came fully embroidered with the Defero company logo and custom embroidered initials of each Defero associate. 
  • Other Defero Wearables
    • Embroidered polos
    • Jackets
    • Hoodies
    • Hats

Client Gifts

  • Need: A line of Defero company gifts worthy of distribution to Defero’s valued agency clients.
    • Solution: DeferoSwag researched about 20 different items that could be incorporated into Defero’s company store, including Yeti mugs, mobile phone chargers, Tide laundry pens, Uni-ball writing pens, golf shirts, Pop Sockets, and wine bottle totes.